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Gamification In Learning Through An Avatar-based Serious Game Concept

"In one of my earlier articles published in eLearning Industry portal on Aug 2014, I had shared a case study on the benefits of Gamification in learning (through a serious game concept). In this article, I am sharing another case study using the same content (on Account Management Fundamentals) but re-designed using an Avatar-based approach. I will also share the gains that accrued with this enhanced approach.”

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5 lessons for launching your first competency-based degree

When Purdue University announced in 2013 that it intended to introduce a new technology school built on the “competency” model, it joined a field with few other players. Delaware County Community CollegeSouthern New Hampshire UWestern Governors UExcelsior College and a handful of other institutions have pursued a similar path in developing educational programs that put the emphasis on helping their graduates master specific competencies vs. counting the number of hours they sit in classrooms.”

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1:1 iPad Initiative: A Four Year Study & Review

The Franklin Academy High School implemented a 1:1 iPad deployment a the beginning of the 2010-2011 school year. Over the course of the next two school years, the pilot was expanded to include all grades 9-12 in the high school. This deployment has reached 475 high school students and all teaching staff. Our K-8 program deployed iPads across the grade levels in the form of class sets and mobile carts.”

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Funding the Shift to Digital Learning

This paper shares practical examples for leaders to consider as they work to expand access to digital learning tools. With the shift to online assessments and increased national attention to the importance of personalizing our education system, ensuring equitable student access to high-quality digital learning tools and opportunities is one the most important issues of our time. Without full access, students will be cut off from the possibilities for the personalization and customization of learning, and the opportunities to develop deeper learning skills necessary for college and career readiness.”

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"With Liberty and Justice and High Speed Internet Access for All"

I have seen schools throughout the country where the excitement of learning is palpable and students utilize technology and internet access as an integral component in their daily learning. I’ve also witnessed the opposite — schools with limited, antiquated access to the internet and little access to technology in the classroom — where students simply don’t have access to the tools and resources commonplace in universities and the workplace.”

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Technology’s Role in Transforming the Lecture Space

Imagine yourself sitting in a large lecture hall—which can range between 300 to 500 students—and while you are trying your best to digest what your instructor is saying, your mind is on everything else except what the teacher is saying. Who can blame you? Within an arm’s reach, you have instant access to news, entertainment, and virtually anyone around the world because of that handy device they call a smartphone. If this is resonating with most of you, that’s because this situation is all too familiar for most anyone who has attended college.”

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