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How Schools Can Respond To The Threat Of Technology

As schools try to utilize technology, they need to understand which aspects (or services) of school are likely to be better accomplished through technology. They should “outsource” or embrace technology and allow it to perform functions that were previously delegated to people, even instructors and advisors. This will allow staff and faculty, instructors and advisors to focus on higher-level tasks.”

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Why replacing teachers with automated education lacks imagination

The belief that technology can automate education and replace teachers is pervasive. Framed in calls for greater efficiency, this belief is present in today’s educational innovations, reform endeavours, and technology products. We can do better than adopting this insipid perspective and aspire instead for a better future where innovations imagine creative new ways to organise education.”

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'Sense of belonging' enhances the online learning experience

For the past couple of years Australian universities’ enthusiasm for online learning has increased, following the lead of international universities in realising the potential of MOOCs to replace traditional face-to-face learning. While the number of students undertaking studies on campus has remained relatively stable over the past three years, the number undertaking online or a combination of on-campus and online education continues to grow.”

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